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We are grateful for your support! Each contribution, large or small, is meaningful for our organization and helps us reach and engage with a diverse community of global musicians, both professional and aspiring young instrumentalists. We welcome you to write to us and talk to us about how you can help:

We would like to thank the following patrons and sponsors for their continuous and generous support:

Arnold Zentrum-Markt
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Dätwyler Stiftung
Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf
Gemeinde Altdorf
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
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Dr. Jennifer Langham
Mobiliar Versicherung

Colin Moran
Musikhaus Peter Gisler
Otto Gamma-Stiftung
Raiffeisenbank Urnerland
Carl und Elise Elsener-Gut Stiftung
Tinto Grafik & Text
Unternehmerschule KMU/Gewerbe
Urner Kantonalbank